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We are unique - an young company where all experienced pioneers in this field met. With this rich experience and intense research we have developed products that can take complete care of your home. We rely only on quality for the success of our products.
We provide maximum cleaning power in every product of ours - the power lets you save cost, time and effort.
We keep customers in front of everything. We strive to provide them high quality products that are very safe to use. 
We have redefined the home care products market with our specialties addressing more common problems faced by consumers using common soaps and detergents. This is why we are the most loved and trusted company in this fastest growing market.
Good-hearted, honest, and caring people dedicated in making this world a cleaner, healthier and happier place is the face of Sri Home Consumables Private Limited. We work with business partners whose values and practices mirror our own.

- Srinath Jeyaraj